Buying Desk Lamp? Choose the Types Correctly

If you set up a study room or home office at home, one of the most important features you must have is the desk lamp. This simple feature gives you more focused light on whatever you are doing on the desk. While the bulb in your room or office ceiling may be enough for light source, it is often too much for the desk owner.

Light bulb on the ceiling often hurts the eyes, especially if the bulb has a fixed setting. If you work with computer or you must read and concentrate for a long time, the light from that main bulb in the room can be too bright for your eyes. Desk lamp helps you to focus, because you can adjust the set and only focus on the thing you use or study in front of you.

Choosing the Desk Lamp Types

Now that you already know why you must buy desk lamp, you are ready to buy a new one. However, you must also consider the types of the desk lamp you are going to buy, because different types mean different attributes and characteristics depending on how you will use it. Here are some types of desk lamp you can choose:

•    Desk Lamp with Adjustable Neck
This is a very common type of desk lamp, and it is widely used from a student’s room to office room. There are people out there who need constant light intensity and position adjustment due to his or her lighting preferences or lighting needs. Adjustable neck on a desk lamp helps them in doing constant adjustment easily just by hand. Adjustable neck lamp typically has a heavy base and a flexible neck structure or several bolts to create ‘elbows’ that make the lamp flexible.

•    Desk Lamp with Clip On
This desk lamp is equipped with clip that helps you to attach it on the edge of the desk. This is useful if you do not have enough space on your desk and you want to put the desk lamp in the least space-consuming position.

•    Desk Lamp with Wall Mounting
This super flexible desk lamp can be attached on the wall with some adjustable screws. It is perfect for desk owners that do now want to be bothered by pets or small children knocking over the lamp.

Choosing the right desk lamp will help you in adjusting your working style with the condition and lighting sources around you, so you can work more comfortably.

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